Respect for the environment and the environment is a priority and reference management Finca El Molino Blanco.
The Murtiga river crosses the property, a few meters after birth, so it is our responsibility to keep the bank in optimum condition for the enjoyment of those who visit us and those who will live with the river along 80 kms, until the Portuguese Alentejo.
Plowing, fertilizing, planting and harvesting of the 3.500 sqyd of gardens of the estate follow a traditional system and 100% ecological, result of years of experience accumulated by several generations. We respect what the earth gives us and we prefer quality to quantity.
The vegetables from the farm are extraordinary and are a unique experience for those not lucky enough to test 100% ecological food, collected by themselves minutes earlier. Furthermore, once vacuum packed by hand at home, they retain their color and flavor characteristics for months.
Similarly, both the daily work of feeding, cleaning the environment and exercise animals (100% Iberian pigs and chickens) and ensuring ecological quality of their products, eggs and meat and Iberian pig meat, are another attractive added to travelers who visit The White Mill.